Updated: January 28th, 2015

2015 School Phone Book Recycling Contest

Tuscaloosa Schools are asked to collect outdated or unused phone books. The phone books will be collected by the City of Tuscaloosa Environmental Services Department and taken to the City Recycling Plant on Kauloosa Avenue.

City schools who participate this year will get credit during a Green School evaluation that will begin in August.

Elementary students who collect 100 or more phone books will win a Little Ricky the Recycler stuffed animal and prizes from the City of Tuscaloosa.



Phone books can be collected at schools until March 31st.

Participating schools must contact Tuscaloosa 311 to schedule phone book collection – and to get credit for participation.

For more information, visit www.tuscaloosa.com/recycle or email ESD@tuscaloosa.com

The city of Tuscaloosa recycles phone books year round. Phone books can be placed in the blue curside recycling bins or recycling drop-off trailers.