Drop-Off Recycling


Don't receive the city of Tuscaloosa's curbside recycling service because you live in an apartment, own a business or live outside the Tuscaloosa City limits? You can still recycle - FOR FREE - at any of the drop off locations. 

Recycling drop off trailers have been strategically placed around Tuscaloosa County.

Note: Drop-off recycling trailers are for recycled materials ONLY and are not garbage dumpsters.

The trailers and contents within are property of the City of Tuscaloosa. Groups or individuals caught tampering or taking items from the trailers could face prosecution.

Groups or individuals caught dumping garbage or non-recyclable items could face a $500 litter fine and associated court costs.

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Drop-Off Recycling Trailers

Sort by item: Paper, Newspaper/Magazines, Aluminum Cans, Steel "Tin" Cans, Plastic #1, Plastic #2, Plastic Film, Cardboard

Glass Recycling Drop-Off Containers

Glass Bottles & Jars

Separate by color: Clear, Blue, Amber/Brown, Green


Environmental Services Department*
3440 Kauloosa Avenue

McAbee Center*
3801 Loop Road

University Church of Christ
1200 Julia Tutwiler Drive

635 Skyland Boulevard

Bobby Miller Center*
350 Bobby Miller Parkway

Tuscaloosa County High School*
12500 Wildcat Drive, Northport

Munny Sokol Park*
5901 Watermelon Road (Watermelon Road Entrance)

University of Alabama*
1115 14th Street

Tuscaloosa Public Library*
1801 Jack Warner Parkway

Faucett Brothers Activity Center*
13040 Eugenia Faucett Drive, Northport

Alabama One Credit Union
4520 21st Street

Tuscaloosa Fire Station #10
8101 New Watermelon Road

Fosters Supermarket
13474 US-11, Fosters

Peterson Water Systems, Inc.
12926 Deacon Street, Cottondale

Shelton State Community College
9500 Old Greensboro Road

Tuscaloosa Regional Airport
7601 Robert Cardinal Airport Rd


*Includes GLASS