Area Plans for Tuscaloosa

On this page, you may browse any of the City of Tuscaloosa Area Plans that are available.  Clicking on a plan's link will open the plan in a new window.  Some of the files are rather large, and should only be downloaded with a broadband internet connection.  You will need a copy of the Adobe Reader software, which is a free download available at, in order to view the files.


Specific Plans

Citywide Future Land Use Plan (May 2009)

Downtown Tuscaloosa Urban Renewal/Redevelopment Study (May 2005)

Greater Downtown Plan (July 2010)

Riverwalk Master Plan Executive Summary (September 2003)

Specific Plan for District 3 (April 2009)

Specific Plan for District 6 (April 2009)

Specific Plan for District 7 (April 2009)

Specific Plan for the Forest Lake Neighborhood (April 2008)

Specific Plan for the Greater Alberta Community (February 2007)

Specific Plan for the University Area Neighborhoods (2004)

Specific Plan for the West Tuscaloosa Community (February 2007)

Tuscaloosa 2020 - A Consensus Strategic Plan (2007)

Tuscaloosa Forward Strategic Community Plan (August 2011)

Tuscaloosa Forward Generational Master Plan (April 2012)

Urban Forest Master Plan (September 2010)