Crime Prevention

3801 Mill Creek Ave

Tuscaloosa, Al 35401

Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Division of the Tuscaloosa Police Department provides both public relations and community education.  Officers are active in many community events.  We provide support and encouragement to other organizations that are working to improve the quality of life in Tuscaloosa.  Our Officers present educational and informational programs or displays on Crime Prevention topics.  Crime Prevention officers assist the public in understanding currently established law, as well as those that have been newly implemented.  We hope to prevent our citizens from becoming “unintentional lawbreakers.”  Tuscaloosa Police Department strives to cultivate positive relationships with our citizens and to foster a feeling of confidence and trust with the members of this community.  It is a goal of this division to help our Department earn public understanding and acceptance.

Crime Prevention Officers provide programs and displays that educate the public on crime and its causes, consequences, and community impact.  Officers often discuss ways to assist law enforcement in combating crime and ways to avoid becoming a victim.

A few examples of our Crime Prevention Programs are:

Officer Friendly – Officers take time to meet and greet our youngest citizens during these impressionable years in hopes of alleviating any fear they may have of the police.  Instead, we hope to teach children that an officer is a friend and a trusted adult.  Police Officers should be considered the “Good Guys” and a source of protection, safety and assistance.  This program is often presented during “Community Helpers” week at daycares and elementary schools.

Neighborhood Watch – Crime Prevention hosts a Neighborhood Watch Training each year in which citizens learn how to organize and maintain a Neighborhood Watch Program in their own neighborhoods.   We provide information and tools to assist individuals in developing an effective group of their own.  Officers are also available throughout the year to speak to local meetings and provide encouragement, education and instruction when needed.

Senior Safe – Crime Prevention officers are available to speak to senior groups on the latest scams and other crimes in which senior citizens are often targeted.  We offer suggestions on how to determine if an offer is legitimate or a scam.  We also encourage seniors to take steps to deter criminals and to report any suspicious individuals or activity they encounter.

If you are interested in requesting our help with your class, group, or event, call 205-248-4830.