Muncipal Court


Municipal Court Judge
Honorable Ricky J. McKinney
P.O. Box 2089
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403
Phone: 205-248-5330
Fax: 205-247-7845

Physical Address:
2122 6th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Mailing Address for Payments:
Tuscaloosa Municipal Court
P.O. Box 2089
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Parking while attending Court
Free parking is available in The City of Tuscaloosa's parking deck (entrance on 7th Street) Two hour parking is available on public streets and in the court parking lot.

Traffic Fines & Costs

If you are charged with any of the following minor traffic offenses, you may pay BEFORE the Court date by mailing your payment in full via money order or cashier's check  made payable to:

Tuscaloosa Municipal Court
P.O. Box 2089
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403.

 Please include a self addressed stamped envelope if you want a receipt. Include your copy of the ticket with your signature on the back, or you may appear in person on or before your court date * at 2122 6th Street, Tuscaloosa, AL to plead guilty and pay your fine.  The court accepts cash and Master Card or Visa (ID required).

For online payments, please click here.  You will need your citation number (including the leading letter) and your date of birth to access your ticket.

To contest your citation, please come on your court date to speak with the Judge.

The Court will not grant youthful offender for minor traffic violations.

*Your court date and time will be on your copy of the citation where it says "Court Appearance". .

Below are the fines and court costs if you pay before and on your court date:

Blocking Highway $182.00  Improper Passing $182.00
 Child Restraint $187.00  Improper Signal $182.00
 Crossing Fire Hose $212.00  Improper Tag $187.00
 Cutting Private Property $187.00  Improper Tires $182.00
 Cutting Funeral Procession $187.00  Improper Turn $182.00
 Dealer's Tag $212.00  Improper Window Tint $182.00
 Driver's License Restriction $222.00  License Not in Possession $222.00
 Driving on Sidewalk $182.00   Littering from Vehicle $362.00
 Driving on Wrong Side of Road $192.00   No Helmet $172.00
 Engine Running Unattended $192.00   No Proof of Insurance $362.00
Equipment Violations $182.00 No State Driver's License $237.00
Expired Driver's License $232.00 Obstruction of Driver's View $182.00
Expired Tag $187.00 Permit Required - Oversized Load $412.00
Failure to Dim $172.00 Running Red Light $182.00
Failure to Stop at RR Crossing $172.00 Running Stop Sign $182.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way $182.00 Seat Belt Violation $41.00
Following Emergency Vehicle $212.00 Speeding $182.00
Following Too Closely $182.00 Speeding 25 MPH over Limit $202.00
Going Around Barricade $192.00 Spilling Vehicle Load $662.00
Improper Brakes $182.00 Switched Tag $262.00
Improper Lane Change/Usage $182.00 Texting While Driving $187.00
Improper Lights $182.00 Wrong Way on One Way Street $192.00