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Thank you to our citizens and community for making this year's Air Show a great success!

Emergency Alerts

Disasters can strike any community at any time – and history shows that Tuscaloosa is not immune. 

When a disaster occurs managing the event is community-wide event. In Tuscaloosa County, the emergency management program takes a multi-jurisdictional, collaborative approach and is funded by the City of Tuscaloosa, City of Northport and Tuscaloosa County. The EMA coordinates with all jurisdictions in the county and a range of departments, agencies, volunteer organizations and private sector entities to develop disaster preparedness plans, provide training and exercise activities and coordinate the overall response to large scale emergencies and disasters.

Emergency management is an evolving, all-hazards program: severe weather, chemical spills, power or dam failures, terrorist attacks and more. The focus is on providing leadership through planning, preparedness and mitigation so that when disasters happen, the community and its leaders are ready to respond and recover. 

It is essential that residents and community stakeholders are prepared as well. The links below will help you better prepare.

For more information about Tuscaloosa County EMA contact its office at 205-349-0150 or visit its website.