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Explanation of Notice: Tuscaloosa's Chlorine Surface Water Treatment Violation

An operational incident occurred at the Ed Love water filter plant on Thursday, Aug. 25 at 2 a.m. that requires public notice. The incident was a treatment technique violation. The instrument used to measure chlorine addition failed, and water with no residual chlorine was fed into distribution system for 45 minutes. 

As required by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and in the City’s continued effort to be open and transparent, the City of Tuscaloosa Water and Sewer Department notifies customers of violations such as this. 

The notice sent to water customers provides information on the possible consequences of the incident. Due to the low probability of such consequences, the state allows 30 days to give notice. If public health was in question a boil water or do not use notice would have been issued immediately.

There were no disruptions in our daily testing nor any indication that our high standards for water quality were not achieved. In fact, the tests before and after the violation indicated no issues as the City uses an additional disinfectant. The City’s drinking water has and continues to be safe to drink.

We are sorry for the alarm. The safety and quality of your drinking water is our highest priority.