City of Tuscaloosa Amends Lake Codes

City of Tuscaloosa Amends Lake Codes

The City of Tuscaloosa adopted new regulations regarding an electrical inspection report for Lake Tuscaloosa property owners with structures, pumps or electricity on City property surrounding Lake Tuscaloosa. The specific electrical code changes made to Sec. 18-88 (d – e).

An inspection report form is required to be submitted through a specified contractor or engineer prior to May 31. This report form and a list of electrical contractors who have received training on the new electrical city codes can be downloaded below. 

Property owners who receive a letter but do not have electricity, a pump or pump components on City property surrounding Lake Tuscaloosa should notify Josh Yates to receive an inspection to waive this electrical inspection report requirement.

Other notable changes: 

  • Annual user fees have increased to $50 
  • Delinquent fees have increased to $50 (initiates 30 days after May 31, 2018) 
  • Submersible pumps, underwater lights and electrical components are prohibited in the waters of Lake Tuscaloosa 
  • Non-submersible pumps must be elevated above 229 mean sea level and will require a one-time $250 fee as well as an additional $50 annually to the yearly user permit fee. An electrical permit must also be obtained prior to use of the pump.
  • All docks with electrical moving forward will require a plan to be submitted certified by a licensed electrical contractor or a professional engineer as meeting the requirements of the NEC and this the City code.
  • No permit shall be issued if more than one volt of current is detected in the water when tested from the pier until remedial measures approved by the director have been completed.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to use or occupy, or allow to be used or occupied any pier or structure without a valid structure user permit.
  • Any licensed electrical contractor or professional electrical engineer making an inspection pursuant to this article must notify the director of any hazardous conditions discovered.

The above are highlights and not all-inclusive of the revisions to the City of Tuscaloosa code regarding regulation of electricity on the lakes. To see the full code, click here

For more information, contact Josh Yates at 205-349-0279.