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Executive Order 2020-001 extending the water, sewer, and solid waste collection grace period and suspending disconnections has expired. Learn More

IC Update

City employees and our community members remain the top priority for our Incident Command. During this time of uncertainty, we are continuously looking for ways to assist you while providing a safe and healthy working environment.  During this time, we will try to communicate as efficiently as possible so that we are not bombarding your inbox. That being said, please read all of the information in the email below in the case that it directly applies to you.

Employee Concerns

Incident Command has established an employee advocate, Caramyl Drake, to assist with employee concerns and morale surrounding COVID-19. Caramyl is here to listen, consult and represent you during this time. Please feel free to call or text her at 205-534-3285.  

Employee EAP

Employees who feel anxious or need counseling during this time are encouraged to utilize our Employee Assistance Program for telehealth. For more information please visit


It has never been more important for you and your loved ones to participate in the United States Census. Please take 5 minutes of your day to complete your 2020 Census at


If you have not signed up for Everbridge, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. Everbridge will be main way that the City and Incident Command contacts employees when needed. Please contact your direct supervisor and let them know if you need to be added to the Everbridge system.

Employees who have school aged kids (ages 6-14):

We have secured limited spaces for City employees’ children with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club.

  • Please see the attached for the informational flier and registration form.
  • Please include “City of Tuscaloosa” in the Parent/Guardian/Contact Information section for the Employed at spot.
  • Registration, drop off, pickup and the cost of $80 per week will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian dropping the child off.
  • Human Resources is researching if schools closing for a declared emergency qualifies as an event to be able to change dependent care withholdings. As soon as we have an answer, we will send that back out to you. If you have any questions or concerns about your withholdings surrounding this, please email the     

If you use this service, please send an informational email (with just the number of children and location utilized) to  Please note: if this service is not adequately utilized, it will not stay open in future weeks.

Employees have daycare aged kids (ages 0-6):

We have secured possible spots for City employees’ children with State certified daycares around the city. Please see the attached daycare preadmission form.

  • If you would like to register for a possible spot in one of these daycares, please fill out the preadmission form and submit it to
  • He will contact you with all available information to assist you in getting childcare.
  • If you don’t need this service this week, but may next week or after, please email with possible future childcare needs ASAP.