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2201 University Boulevard
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P.O. Box 2089
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Phone: (205) 248-5230
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HR Frequently Asked Questions


Brian Butler, Chief HR Officer

Mark Fields, Deputy Chief HR Officer

Kellie Austell,  Benefits & Wellness Director

Jeffrey Redding, Senior HR Officer

Dawn Barnes, Senior HR Officer

LaShonda Kemp, HR Officer

Melissa Adcox, HR Supervisor

Rhonda Morrison, Senior HR Specialist

DaVonna Retherford, Senior HR Specialist

Jennifer Drummond, HR Specialist

Hannah Essary, HR Specialist

Human Resources                           


About Human Resources

The City of Tuscaloosa Human Resources Department provides support to the Mayor of the City of Tuscaloosa in the management and governing of the City’s Human Resources.

This information is intended to provide individuals interested in public service careers with the City, an opportunity to be made aware of jobs that become available and general information about those jobs.


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Are you interested in employment with the City of Tuscaloosa?  Would you like to be notified when specific positions you may want to apply for in the future become available?  If yes, complete a Job Interest Card and you will be emailed when jobs are posted for those positions you select.

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Hiring Procedures

General Information

With the exception of public safety positions and certain labor type positions, applications are only accepted when there is an existing vacancy.  When there is a vacancy the job is generally posted for 5 working days.

You may apply for a position with the City of Tuscaloosa two ways. 
1.  You may apply online.
2.  You may apply online at the Human Resources Department in City Hall.

Public safety positions require a written exam.  A study guide for the Police Patrol Officer and Firefighter entry level written exams will be provided to you after the posting has closed and your application has been submitted and accepted.

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Employee Benefits & Wellness

Employee Benefits at the City of Tuscaloosa has a new focus!

Our new focus is to support and enhance the health and wellness of City employees and their families.  We understand that attainment of our goal will not be immediate but will be a journey over time.   We believe that wellness begins with the individual but that a community- based culture of health is essential to support the individual in his or her journey to healthy living.  Therefore, we hope to extend our initiatives to include the community and we hope to partner with other employer groups in order to combine our resources and thereby enhance the success of all groups.

City of Tuscaloosa Benefits and Wellness Advisory Committee

A Benefits and Wellness Advisory Committee has been assembled with members from all City departments.  The committee’s mandate is to provide input in the design of wellness programs for employees.  More importantly, members will support employee involvement in the City’s transition to a culture of health.

City of Tuscaloosa Core Benefit Plans

As employees travel the road to improved health, the City will continue to provide benefit plans to meet their health and financial needs.  Benefits provided by the City of Tuscaloosa are designed to provide income security through disability insurance options and to protect future financial security through pension and supplemental retirement plans as well as to provide health care coverage with tax savings through pre-tax premium options.

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