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Water & Sewer

WSD Department Overview

The Water and Sewer Department of the City of Tuscaloosa is charged with providing its customers with a reliable supply of safe, clean water and environmentally effective sewerage collection and treatment.

The water distribution system delivers more that ten billion gallons a year to Tuscaloosa homes and businesses each year. The wastewater collection and treatment system treats over six billion gallons of sewage wastewater.

Disinfectant By-Products and Your Water & Sewer Dept.

Rural Water Systems

In addition to meeting the City of Tuscaloosa's needs, the Tuscaloosa water system provides and distributes water to nearby communities of

· Mitchell

· Peterson

· Coaling

· Englewood-Hulls

· Foster-Ralph

· Coker

· Carrolls Creek


The City of Tuscaloosa is an active part of the Black Warrior Clean Water Partnership's involvement with helping to protect the North River Watershed. For more information, Click Here