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How do I request time off?

It is best to check with your supervisor or department head to determine your interdepartmental policy. Your department may like for you to request time off in the Time and Attendance system (KRONOS). You can access KRONOS by clicking on the KRONOS icon on your desktop if applicable. You will enter your username and password, which are the same username and password that you use to access your desktop computer. Once you are logged in the system, click on the My Information tab and then “My Requests” from the drop-down list.

In the Time Period fields, make sure that your range will include all days that you would like to request off. You can select a two week or more period of time, but the system will only deduct your accrual time on the dates that you have a schedule in place. Remember to never select the holiday(s) in your date range. The system will only show holidays within a 12-week period from the day you're in the system. You may have to look in the My Links tab to see when the City observes the holiday before requesting time off. You can click on a day in the calendar or you can select a range of dates, but they have to be in consecutive order; you can’t randomly check different dates. If you want to take two consecutive days off after a holiday, you can select those dates in the calendar, scroll down and under the Requests tab (at the bottom of this page under the calendar), select "Time off Request–Full Day." If you don’t choose a day(s) in the calendar, you can enter your date(s) once you are in the Time-Off Request–Full Day screen. Choose your pay code you want to use and you will notice that your accrual balances will be to the right hand side of this screen. This will let you know how much time you have available on that day.

On a partial day request, it is best to make all of your punches for the day and enter your partial day request the next business day because you can look at your timecard on that day and note exactly what time you punched out and in the shift column you can note exactly how many hours and minutes you worked. Then, when you go to enter your partial day request, you can enter your start time as your actual punch out time and add hours and minutes to your shift column hours and minutes to make up for your scheduled shift that day.