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How Do I Get To Human Resources?

City of Tuscaloosa Intermodal Facility
2299-2201 7th St, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

  1. Head to the Tuscaloosa lntermodal Facility (aka the parking deck) located next to City Hall and enter the parking deck from 7th Street.
  2. Pull into the lntermodal Facility and continue driving straight (approximately 240 ft) up the incline toward level 2, then keep right until reaching the top deck - level
  3. Once you arrive at the top of the parking deck, use the glass double doors under the covered walkway to enter City Hall Annex 1.
  4. Once inside, continue (125 ft) down the enclosed crosswalk to the security desk and inform the officer that you are headed to HR.
  5. From the security desk, turn right, and walk (115 ft) to the end of the
  6. Then, turn left and continue (75 ft) until you reach the third door to your

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