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How do I drain my hot water heater?

Step 1: Cut off electricity to the heater if electric or cut gas off if gas heated.
Step 2: Hook a garden hose to the bib or faucet on the side of water tank.
Step 3: Run hose outside to drain and turn faucet on.
Step 4: Open pressure relief valve on top of line that runs down the side of hot water tank.
Step 5: Once tank has drained, turn the water back on for about 3-5 minutes to help settle any solids out.
Step 6: Take hose off and shut faucet.
Step 7: Turn electrical breaker back on or turn gas back on and light pilot lite by instructions on side of cover to tank.
Step 8: Refill and wait approximately one hour for tank to reheat.

Your water heater may be different. This is only to serve as a guide. Contact a professional if you feel yours may be different.