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How is a new job classification created?

If it is determined that the duties and responsibilities of a particular position are not covered by an existing classification specification within the current pay plan exhibits, it may be necessary to establish a new classification and/or revise an existing job classification accordingly. New classifications are established in the following manner:  

1. A Comprehensive Position Questionnaire (CPQ) may be completed by the supervisor or others familiar with the job to identify the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.

2. A draft classification specification will be developed by the Human Resource Department to include the proposed title of the classification and salary grade; the summary or purpose; a listing of the essential and marginal functions or duties; and the minimum qualifications and requirements.

A new classification request may also include a request for assignment to a particular salary grade. This request should be supported by salary survey data from comparative labor markets but may also include internal comparisons of other city jobs requiring comparable levels of expertise and qualifications. The request and supporting information should be submitted to the Human Resource Department for consideration and review. Human Resource Department staff members may contact the department to conduct a job audit with the supervisor(s) and/or incumbent(s). Job analysis and job evaluation procedures may then be performed before any final recommendation is made by the Human Resource Department. Additionally, the human resource director may forward his or her recommendation to the mayor, Administrative Committee, Finance Committee (if funds are needed) and/or Full Council for further review and action.