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How is a position reclassified to another job classification?

If the duties and responsibilities of a position have changed significantly and are now more in line with another job classification than that to which it is assigned, the position may be reassigned to the other job classification through a process called reallocation.  A reallocation pertains solely to a certain position.  Requests for reallocations are made in writing to the Human Resource Department in the following manner:  

  1. A written request outlining the specific reasons for the request to reallocate an existing position to another classification must be sent to the human resource director. 
  2. A Comprehensive Position Questionnaire (CPQ) may need to be completed by the supervisor, the incumbent or others familiar with the job to identify the specific duties and responsibilities of the position.
  3. Staff from the Human Resource Department may perform a job audit or interview the supervisor(s) or possible incumbent(s) of the job if more information is needed.
  4. Additionally, the human resource director may forward his or her recommendation to the mayor and/or Finance Committee (if funds are needed) for further review and action.