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What is step-up pay and who qualifies for it?

Occasionally, a temporary vacancy will occur within certain city departments engaged in construction activity or utility operations. In these instances, the temporary absence of a key employee can hamper the operations of a crew or facility. Such situations are not in the best interest of the city or the public. Therefore, a mechanism is needed to establish a process and to compensate certain city employees who are directed by their supervisors to assume duties in the absence of certain higher-ranking employees ("step up") to ensure that departmental operations and work activities continue at a normal pace.

Step-up pay does not establish or grant any increase of base pay to any employee. Step-up pay is to be paid to an employee only so long as that employee meets the requirements herein and is subject to modification at any time. Step-up pay is not considered overtime pay or part of an employee's base pay.

A crew worker, equipment operator, sanitation worker or senior or heavy equipment operator who is directed by his or her supervisor to "step up" to a vacant higher job in that department shall receive additional compensation at the rate of 1 1/2 hours per day at the employee's current hourly rate of pay provided however the following conditions are met: The provisions hereof only apply to employees involved in construction or operations activities in the Department of Transportation (TDOT), Environmental Services Department and the Water and Sewer Department. The provisions hereof do not apply to office or clerical personnel in any city department. The employee must be directed by his or her supervisor to "step up" to the vacant job. Stepping up shall consist of the performance of work by the employee in the capacity of the job classification of any employee in a higher job classification within the same department for a complete shift. The step up may not continue for a period of more than two continuous work weeks. The employee must be otherwise qualified to "step up" to the vacant job, including possessing any required training certifications and/or licenses. The vacant job must involve essential job functions which are not outside the scope of the general job classification and/or duties of the employee stepping up to that job.