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City News

City of Tuscaloosa to Invest $1.2 Million in Public Service, Housing, Technology Initiatives

The Tuscaloosa City Council passed the Office of Federal Programs' recommendations for $1.2 million of Community Development Block and HOME Investment Partnerships Program allocations from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at last night’s meeting.

The City of Tuscaloosa was allocated nearly $780,000 for CDBG and $429,000 for HOME, a combined increase of more than 21 percent over the previous year.

Funds were allocated to several agencies including Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa, the West Alabama Food Bank, Tuscaloosa’s One Place and more.

Margaret Jones, a community dveelopment program manager, presented the recommendations at yesterday’s CDBG committee meeting. The allocation breakdown is in the prestation, linked below.