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City of Tuscaloosa Receives FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant

City of Tuscaloosa Receives FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant

The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded the City of Tuscaloosa funding for preliminary studies in the Upper Cribbs Mill Creek Tributary No. 5 Watershed through the Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program. 

The funding total is $132,600, of which the federal share is $99,450 and the local share is $33,150. The local share will be financed by in-kind services; no budgeted dollars will be used.

“This grant can help us in our ongoing effort to protect the community from severe flooding,” said District 6 City Councilor Eddie Pugh. “It’s a major step forward in Tuscaloosa’s floodplain management.”

The grant will cover the costs of the watershed’s preliminary work such as feasibility studies and cost/benefit analyses to identify issues and future opportunities. Preliminary studies are required to apply for federal construction grants, and they can be costly. The City will be able to apply for FEMA funding in the future without spending out-of-pocket money to perform the required preliminary analysis.

“My hopes are to work with all those affected by the drainage and flooding in the watershed area and come to a solution that everyone can be happy with,” said Josh Yates, the City’s watershed manager. “We aim to reduce property and road flooding to the maximum extent practicable.”