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City of Tuscaloosa Elections - Qualifying Candidate Update

Elections for the City of Tuscaloosa will take place on Tuesday, March 2. Qualifying officially closed as of 5 p.m. on Jan. 26. The following candidates have filed qualifying paperwork. 

Serena Fortenberry 
Martin Houston
Walt Maddox

City Council, District 1                    
Que Chandler
Katherine Waldon
Matthew Wilson
City Council, District 2                    
Raevan Howard
Boris Hurst
Paul W. Sanders Sr.
Norma Young
City Council, District 3                    
Norman Crow
Matt Hood
Bill Wright

City Council, District 4                    
Lee Busby
City Council, District 5                    
Sam Badger
Kip Tyner
City Council, District 6                    
John Faile
Eric Gaines
Eddie Pugh
City Council, District 7                    
Cassius Lanier
Sonya McKinstry

Chair, Board of Education         
Eric M. Wilson

Board of Education, District 1
Karen Thompson-Jackson

Board of Education, District 2     
Deon Washington
Kendra Williams
Board of Education, District 3     
Maycie Hartley
Lesley Powell
Board of Education, District 4     
Patrick Hamner
Board of Education, District 5     
Erica Grant

Board of Education, District 6
Marvin Lucas

Board of Education, District 7
Erskine Simmons

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