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Small Business Spotlight: Taylor Construction

Small Business Spotlight: Taylor Construction

Small businesses provide critical resources to the Tuscaloosa community, and through programs like Tuscaloosa Builds, the City hopes to promote growth and support. 

Taylor Construction is a local construction company that focuses on the development of new houses and reconstruction. 

The company was established six years ago when founder Deshawn Taylor and his old supervisor decided to develop their own company after years of working together on different job sites. 

Taylor claims he loves working for and being in connection with Tuscaloosa Builds. They provide resources and job opportunities through their City program, which was established to foster support and resources to minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses in Tuscaloosa.

“Tuscaloosa Builds focuses on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion within Tuscaloosa by introducing small, local businesses to connections with many City partners and different resources from programs and workshops,” Tuscaloosa Builds Coordinator Caramyl Drake said.

These services provide a foundation of interactions and knowledge to help the town flourish with successful businesses and services.

The construction company plans to impact Tuscaloosa with restoration. In the future, Taylor wants to start reconstructing old abandoned houses in Tuscaloosa to bring back their beauty. As well as help veterans and the homeless by providing them shelter.  

Throughout the years, Taylor Construction has continued to grow the company and presence in the community as they consider themselves “the best in Tuscaloosa.” 

The company worked through the COVID-19 pandemic and grew the business even though the pandemic potentially caused issues for small business owners. Taylor suggested the key to small businesses is to strive through the hard times, as he has experienced with his company. 

“Taylor Construction did have some tough times years ago when it was just me, and I took a hit then, but I kept on striving through the years,” Taylor said. “And today, we are really successful.” 

Perseverance is necessary with local businesses because small companies give many opportunities to the community, Taylor said. “Small businesses give more people more opportunities to meet different people and give everyone a chance to grow.”