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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate my building to Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue to use in training?

Abandoned buildings or structures slated for demolition provide firefighters with additional experience working in live structures. You can designate your building for:

  • Non-destructive training such as search and rescue and other interior operations;
  • Destructive training such as breaching walls, cutting holes in the roof and knocking out windows; or
  • Burn training such as fire suppression activities and burning the building to the ground.

Considerable preparation time may be required of the owner beforehand. All training structures need an asbestos survey and to provide proof of no insurance. It is important to note the structure is not reduced to an easily moved pile of rubble but rather a burned-out structure that will need to be removed by the owner. For more information, contact the fire marshal at 205-248-5422.