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Thank you to our citizens and community for making this year's Air Show a great success!

Community Development Block Grants

CDBG Assistance for Programs/Projects

CDBG is a federal funding program that was enacted into law in 1974.  CDBG provides cities, referred to as “entitlement communities,” annual direct grants that are used to revitalize neighborhoods, expand affordable housing and economic opportunities, and improve community facilities and services, principally to benefit low and moderate income persons.

Any activity funded through the CDBG program must meet one of these national objectives:

  • To benefit lo-and-moderate income persons
  • To aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight
  • To meet a particular urgent need

Since 1975, the City of Tuscaloosa has received an average of $1.44 million each year in CDBG funds.

Click below for more information on the CDBG program and process for requesting funds

CDBG Overview

Non-Housing CDBG Application

CDBG Eligibility Worksheet


Some of the programs/projects that have been funded by CDBG include:

  • McDonald Hughes Community Center
  • Renovation of the Barnes Branch YMCA
  • Developing Palmore Park, Freeman Park, and several small neighborhood parks
  • Operation of “Meals on Wheels Program”
  • Operation of Music Education Program for Low-Income Children

Contact Person(s):  Margaret Jones and Sherry King