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City of Tuscaloosa Observes Garbage Man Appreciation Day 2018

City of Tuscaloosa Observes Garbage Man Appreciation Day 2018

The City of Tuscaloosa environmental services division recognizes the National Garbage Man Appreciation Day campaign this week. Citizens are encouraged to thank waste management professionals and recognize these hard-working women and men who keep our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean.

“I begin every tour with a simple question: ‘Who cleans up after us?’ ” said Ashley Chambers, the City’s environmental educator. “Without solid waste collection crew workers and drivers, everyone can agree that our town would look very different. This industry is often overlooked because most garbage, trash, recycling and litter collection happens when people are still asleep, at work or at school. Our crews sometimes have a thankless job, but the work they do affects our daily lives. We know Tuscaloosa citizens and residents appreciate them every single day, and this is the time of year we ask everyone to just say, ‘Thank You.’ ” 

Facts about the environmental services division:

ESD is responsible for the collection and proper disposal of garbage and trash from about 100,000 residential and non-residential City garbage customers.

The ESD recycling division sorts and processes recyclables collected from customers and from the recycling drop-off trailers placed county-wide and used by over 200,000 city and county residents.

To help keep our community clean, crews collect litter from public rights of way in the city limits, dispatches cart and bin delivery crews, employs a full-time environmental code officer to enforce the City code and an environmental educator to promote the division’s programs and events. 

To learn more about the solid waste and recycling industry, individuals and groups of all ages can tour the Curry Environmental Services Complex on Kauloosa Avenue. Tours are free and open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and must be scheduled in advance. Visit or call Tuscaloosa 311 at 205-248-5311 to book a tour.