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Small Business Spotlight: C & J Resources

Small Business Spotlight: C & J Resources

Small businesses provide critical resources to the Tuscaloosa community, and through programs like Tuscaloosa Builds, the City hopes to foster growth and support.

C & J Resources is a local tutoring business located in Tuscaloosa dedicated to serving the community and its students through academic advancement. The company is connected with Tuscaloosa Builds, a program established to offer support and resources to minority-owned, woman-owned and disadvantaged businesses in Tuscaloosa.

The business provides services to children in pre-k to 12th grade. They offer ACT prep, online tutoring, homework help and even tutoring in basic college courses.

With a mission to “provide quality tutoring support for our student learning and empower our students to become more confident in their abilities and knowledge,” C & J Resources aims to be a hub for education.

C & J Resources not only helps children in academics, but they also want to have an impact on the City and community. The business hosts different service activities throughout the year. Recent events included a backpack giveaway, food donations and serving local nursing homes.

Although C & J Resources has flourished, small businesses sometimes have hardships. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, C & J has steadily increased its range of influence on many children. However, there have been instances of financial challenges. Resilience is an important trait to have, and C & J made sure troubles do not affect their children.

“We have been able to serve everyone that walks through the door, and if we haven’t been able to serve them, we are able to offer advice or help their child with what they need at that present time,” C & J Resources founder Chante Rice said.

Rice urges other small businesses to accept feedback from the public while having a positive attitude and open communication channels to persevere through obstacles.

Tuscaloosa Builds has also been a helpful source of valuable resources and support through its many partners in the City.

“I have a great relationship with Tuscaloosa Builds, being able to use them as a resource if I need anything,” Rice said.

Tuscaloosa Builds believes small businesses are essential for the Tuscaloosa community. C & J Resources carry the same ideology, as they believe small businesses provide services for the community that are unique and help build personal relationships.

“Small businesses, believe it or not, are the heart of the community,” Rice said. “You have people who have special talents, and those small businesses serve a lot to the community where big companies may not give you what you need.”