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Current Fees

Monthly garbage collection fees are assessed for all City of Tuscaloosa garbage customers. Fees are assessed per cart on the premises regardless of how often the cart is placed at the curb for collection. No fees are charged for regular trash and recycling collection.

Garbage fees are billed on your City of Tuscaloosa water bill. For concerns about your garbage fee, please contact the Environmental Services at 205-248-4900 or at


$20.35 / month per cart on the premises*


$30.35 / month per cart on the premises**

*Up to three carts are allowed at a residential property, but a separate monthly fee is assessed per cart.

**A variance is required for more than one cart at a non-residential establishment. For more information contact Tuscaloosa ESD at 205-248-4900 or at

Updated: Oct. 1, 2017