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Curbside Recycling Collection

A special recycling bin is provided to each participating residence for use in the collection and storage of recyclables. Note: The curbside recycle bin is the property of the City of Tuscaloosa and should be left at the residence should you move.

  • City of Tuscaloosa residential garbage customers who live within city limits can utilize our curbside recycling program.
  • Curbside recycling service and the recycling bin are offered free of charge.
  • Curbside recycling is collected on the same day as garbage and trash.
  • Recyclables do not have to be separated for collection, with the exception of paper (must be bagged) and plastic film/bags (must be bundled). Place all of your recyclables in your bin and our crews will sort them for processing at the City recycling plant.
  • When a City holiday interrupts the curbside recycling collection schedule, routes will typically resume the next scheduled work day.

Non-residential curbside recycling (must enroll).

Drop-Off Recycling

Don't receive the City of Tuscaloosa's curbside recycling service because you live in an apartment, own a business or live outside the Tuscaloosa city limits? You can still recycle — free of charge — at any of our drop off locations. Recycling drop-off trailers have been strategically placed around Tuscaloosa County.

Note: Drop-off recycling trailers are for recycled materials only and are not garbage dumpsters.

The trailers and contents within are property of the City of Tuscaloosa. Groups or individuals caught tampering or taking items from the trailers could face prosecution.

Groups or individuals caught dumping garbage or non-recyclable items could face a $500 litter fine and associated court costs.