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Claims Form

The Office of the City Attorney receives, processes and investigates claims that are filed against the City of Tuscaloosa.

As a general rule, a claim must be submitted to this Office in writing within six months of the occurrence giving rise to the claim or else it is barred by law. It is the responsibility of the claimant to file the claim and supply all needed information. It is not uncommon for the claimant to be contacted for additional information. The Office of the City Attorney will investigate the claim to determine the facts, conduct any needed legal research, and make a determination as to whether it should be paid. The claimant will be informed of the decision, and if appropriate informed of the next step in the process.

The determination of whether to pay a claim is based strictly on the facts and the law. Because all claim payments require the expenditure of public funds, each claim is treated seriously. The Office of the City Attorney attempts to administer the claims process in an evenhanded and fair manner without regard to personalities, politics, what the law ‘should be,’ opinions, or speculation. Claims may be denied for a variety of reasons. For a general statement of common reasons claims are denied, and what some of your options are if that happens, click here.

The claims process typically takes a minimum of two weeks but can take substantially longer. We appreciate your patience while your claim is being investigated and researched.