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On-Line Citizen Complaint

It is a policy of the Tuscaloosa Police Department to thoroughly and impartially investigate a citizen complaint, or allegation, of misconduct by a police department employee. When the on-line complaint document is submitted it will be sent to the Office of Standards and Integrity (OSI). Once OSI receives the complaint document the case will be assigned to a unit commander or an OSI Investigator. The investigation may take several weeks depending on the complexity of the case. You will be notified of the findings.    

The appropriate person to file a complaint is the person who witnessed or experienced the alleged misconduct. A parent or guardian may file a complaint on behalf of a minor child.

A complaint can be filed anonymously. If you choose to file this complaint anonymously, please realize that the investigator will have no contact information and, therefore, no way to request additional information or to clarify an issue. Be as specific as possible when describing the date, time, officer(s) involved and the incident location.

Issues related to the guilt or innocence of a criminal or traffic offense are issues that must be addressed in court.   

If you haven’t been contacted within 5 working days please contact the Office of Standards and Integrity at 205-248-4510.