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Juvenile Crime Prevention Tips

 Basic safety precautions for all ages.

•    Help your child learn their full name, phone number (including area code), and address (including city and state).
•    Teach children how to call 911 (and when it’s appropriate) and how to use cell phones.
•    Teach your kids how to identify “safe” adults, like a police officer or security guard or teacher.
•    Explain to your kids that they should never accept a ride, food, or gifts from someone they don’t know.
•    Take logical safety precautions in public, like accompanying younger children to the bathroom.
•    Teach your child the power of “no.” No one has a right to touch them if it makes them uncomfortable, and you will never, ever get angry if they tell you that someone has touched them, despite what that person might threaten.
•    Designate a safe spot in your neighborhood, like a trusted friend’s house, to go to in case of emergency.


Internet Safety tips.

•    Never post personal information online. This includes, but not limited to, cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, and your address or your current location.
•    When creating a screen name, do not include personal information, such as your last name or date of birth.
•    Censor your photos – they can often provide clues to personal information. For example, posting a picture of yourself in your varsity jacket can show a stranger the school you attend and the activities that interest you.
•    Never send photos to people you meet online.
•    Do not meet in person with someone you “met” on the Internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell a trusted adult right away.
•    Don’t share your password with anyone.
•    Never download or install anything onto your computer or cell phone without first checking with your parents.
•    Use privacy settings. They are there for a reason.
•    It’s not always strangers that you need to be cautious of – always exercise your best judgment. When in doubt, turn to a trusted adult.
•    Most importantly. Parents have got to stay aware of app and site that their children are using and stay up to date with ever advancing technology.