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Municipal Court

How do I view municipal codes?

Where can I pay my parking or traffic ticket?

What type of bond must I use?

How do I get a court-appointed attorney?

What do I do if there is a warrant for my arrest?

What should I wear to court?

How do I keep a traffic citation off my record?

Can I bring my children with me to court?

Can I reset my court date over the phone?

What kind of payment is accepted?

Do I have to pay extra court costs if I come to court?

Am I expected to pay my fine and court costs when I appear in Court?

How can I find out what my fine will be before I come to court?

Can someone else pay my fine for me?

Can I pay my ticket without coming to court?

What do I do if I get a Minor in Possession citation?

What should I expect to happen in court?

Where is the Municipal Court building located?