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Human Resources

Why do I need to verify my dependent documentation?

What do I need to do now?

Will my benefits stay the same if I don't participate in open enrollment?

What is passive enrollment?

How do I protect my sensitive information?

Can electronically submitted tax returns (such as Turbo Tax) be submitted as verification documentation?

My divorce or separation decree requires me to provide benefits for my former spouse. How does that affect me?

What will Alight do with my documents? Will my personal information be safe with Alight?

Will I receive confirmation once my documentation is received?

What happens to the coverage of individuals who don't meet the definition of an eligible dependent?

Should I trust sending information to Alight?

What happens if I do not return the Dependent Verification Affidavit and required documentation before the deadline?

What is the deadline for returning the Dependent Eligibility Affidavit and providing the appropriate documents verifying eligibility?

What should I do if one or more of my enrolled dependents does not meet eligibility requirements as listed in the attached Dependent Eligibility Matrix?

Is this verification even legal?

Does City of Tuscaloosa not trust me?

Should I provide the supporting documentation for my dependents to my site Human Resources team?

Who can answer my questions about the definition of an eligible dependent?

How do I know my documents are secure?

Who is Alight?

Why is City of Tuscaloosa conducting this audit?

How can I run reports on my timecard, accrual balances and my schedule?

How do I request time off?

How can I view my AVAIL, SAIL and comp time balances?

How can I view my timecard?

What paid time off do I earn?

What is overtime? What is compensatory time?

What if my regular day off falls on a City observed holiday?

What if I work on the day of the City observed holiday?

What if a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday?

What are the paid City holidays?

What is the City's time and attendance system?

What is alt-duty (alternative duty)?

How does the workers' comp system work?

If I need safety-related training, what should I do?

If I drop my coverage as a retiree on the City Group Health Plan, will I be allowed to re-enroll in the plan at a later date?

How long can I keep my dependent child on my City Group Health Plan coverage?

What is a "qualifying event"?

I am an active employee. How do I enroll or add a dependent to my City Group Health or Dental Plan?

What is call-out pay?

What is step-up pay and who qualifies for it?

What is shift differential pay?

How do you request a change in salary within an employee's existing pay grade and pay range?

How will my pay change if my position is reclassified to a job with a higher pay grade?

How is a position reclassified to another job classification?

How is an existing job classification revised?

How is a new job classification created?

How will my pay change if my job classification is upgraded?

What is an upgrade of a job classification?

What if I am topped out in the pay range of my job's pay grade?

What is a step raise?

What is a COLA?

What are exempt and non-exempt employees?

What are the pay plan exhibits?

When will I get paid?

Once I complete the probationary period, what are my protections as a full-time employee?

May I be terminated during the probationary period?

If I am newly hired or promoted to a different job with the City, how long is the probationary period?

How do I apply for promotion in the Police and Fire Rescue Departments?

What if I'd like to customize my cover letter and/or resume for a position?

Once I complete an application and want to apply for another position, do I have to redo the entire application process?

If I applied for a position that has closed and see another position for the same job title, do I need to apply again?

How do I know if I qualify for a position?

How do I contact the hiring department?

What happens after the interview?

How do I check the status of my application?

What if I can't remember the username and password that I used to create my online application?

How do I apply online for a job with the City of Tuscaloosa?

How do I apply to be a firefighter, police officer or telecommunicator with the City of Tuscaloosa?

How do I apply for a job with the City of Tuscaloosa?

How Do I Get To Human Resources?