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Hiring Procedures

Non-Public Safety Jobs


A job is posted for at least five working days. Applications are accepted while the job is posted. After the posting has closed, the hiring manager and a representative from the Human Resources Department review the applications and select the best qualified applicants to interview.


Once interviews are completed, the hiring department submits a recommendation to the Human Resources Department.


After the hiring department makes a recommendation, Human Resources may make a conditional offer of employment to the successful candidate. A conditional offer of employment consists of:

  • Background investigation
  • Medical exam (for some but not all positions)
  • Drug and alcohol screening (for jobs deemed safety sensitive)

If all parts of the conditional offer are passed, a final offer of employment may be presented to the successful candidate.

Public Safety Jobs


For more information click on the job title below.


Applications are accepted for public safety jobs when posted regardless of whether or not there is a vacancy. However, the date we receive your application will determine the testing date for which you are eligible. If your application is considered complete, the entry-level written test is the initial step in the hiring process for all public safety positions.

Any applicant who is removed for any reason from the employment process prior to being hired shall be ineligible to apply again for the same position for a minimum period of one year.


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